Do cats shed tears?

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Even though cats do not cry emotional tears, it does not mean that they do not shed tears at all. They do but not for emotional reasons.
Since cats have tear ducts they do have the ability to cry. However, their tears are entirely used for keeping their eyes lubricated and maintaining optical health. In fact, cats with low tear production are diagnosed with dry eye that requires eye drops treatment to keep the eye lubricated. Though, in optimal health, tear ducts release tears with every blink which act waters the eyes and delivers nutrients to the eyes’ surface.

On the other hand, tearing is also a natural reflex to help protect the eyes by flushing out any irritant and cleansing the surface of the eyes. For instance, just like for us, when cats have foreign matter in their eye, the eye works to remove it through tears.

yes, cats can cry. And, while there are several situations in which they may do so, none of them relate to emotions. Their tears do not reflect sadness or grief. Instead, they are only associated with an unpleasant physical issue or ocular discomfort.
The only tears your cat will ever shed will be related to an unpleasant physical issue instead of an emotional one.

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