Do you know the difference between a Wolf and a dog?

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We all know that dogs are derived from wolves, but in fact, wolves and dogs are not quite the same race, wolves are wolves, and dogs are dogs, the appearance of the high similarity is easy to confuse people, but in fact, they are quite different from each other. So today here with you to analyze the differences between dogs and wolves.

First, their eyes radiate differently. The eyes of the Wolf are bloodthirsty, greedy and cunning, while the eyes of the dog are docile, clever and modest. A Wolf and a dog have different ears. The ear of the Wolf is always vigilant erect, and the ear of the dog will only see the stranger and the bad person or the strange food thing time, will be vigilant erect, but usually, its ear is generally soft erect, also not very hard. A Wolf has a different tail from a dog. Most people know the difference between Wolf’s tail, which tends to droop, and a dog’s tail, which tends to curl.

A Wolf has a different sense of responsibility from a dog. Male Wolf will be pregnant in the female Wolf during this period of time, has been never abandoning, always protect the female Wolf. But dogs are generally careless and irresponsible about what they do. Wolves and dogs have different solidarity with each other. Wolves are generally the existence of groups, so there is a name for wolves, they are very united and friendly when encountering dangerous powerful enemy prey, they are always united to fight against the enemy, and together to share the spoils after victory, will not be like dogs as excessive protection of food. Whenever there are other dogs close, look at it fiercely, do not close.

The dog will treat the human as the master, the master is always right, the dog never abandons to the human, therefore obtains “the loyalty” the appraisal. Even if the Wolf domesticates since childhood, will not attack you, that also only regards you as the partner.

At the same time, wolves and dogs have different ways of living, and their independence is also different. Wolves live in the wild all the year-round, in their bones with their own pride, want to food is to rely on their own ability to seek for food, every Wolf will be a small Wolf cub began to learn the ability to hunt for food alone, and then leave their mother to fend for themselves, will not go to others. But the dog is different, the dog must depend on its owner to survive, wagging the tail show MOE to please the master is its natural ability, in the dog cannot through their own efforts to obtain food, will put down the dignity to waggle the tail show MOE to please the master.

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