Shaved ice watermelon

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The ingredients

One ice shaving machine
One small watermelon
Condensed milk 2 tablespoons
A chocolate needle

1. First, get an ice shaving machine

2. Then cut the watermelon in half

3. Dig out the pulp

4. Squeeze the flesh into watermelon juice

5. Then pour the juice into an ice box and refrigerate it with the watermelon rind for at least 4 hours

6. Remove the ice and place it in the ice shaker

7. Use the watermelon rind as a container under the ice shaving machine and pull the wrench to start shaving ice

8. Top the shaved ice with some watermelon flesh (the remaining half of the watermelon has some flesh left over) and drizzle with condensed milk

9. Sprinkle some chocolate needles

10. Done!

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