Yogurt, cookies

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The ingredients

butter 75g
Powdered sugar 30g
salt 1g
yogurt 30g
Strong flour 80g
Almond powder 10g

1. Prepare the ingredients for accurate weighing, and sift the flour and almond powder for later use

2. Butter softs at room temperature in a paste

3. Add salt and powdered sugar

4. Shake butter, sugar and salt with a spatula to prevent powder splashes

5. Butter, butter color white, volume can be increased

6. Add butter two or three times to yogurt

7. Add each time with a shovel beat evenly, absorb

8. Add low powder and almond powder twice, mix well with a scraper, can not see the powder

9. Mount in a piping bag

10. Extrude the pattern that oneself like, this is 3 ability 8 tooth

11. With the high beak wind oven, 150 degrees bake for 10 minutes, turn 160 degrees for 5 minutes to color satisfactory

12. Once done, remove and serve

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